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The Humanity Forward Foundation is accelerating solutions to the problems families face by investing in projects that will directly benefit Americans and further develop our understanding of how best we can create a more stable and prosperous world.

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Together with The Spark of Hudson, Humanity Forward Foundation is benefiting $500 each month for five years to randomly-selected cohorts of residents in Hudson, NY.

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Why five years?

HudsonUP is one of very few pilots of its kind taking a long-term approach to help participants move themselves and their families to sound financial footing. Nearly 40% of HudsonUP participants are pursuing either their GED or a college degree, and several described their plans for launching small businesses — but these plans take time.

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What we’ve learned so far

Participants in the first HudsonUp cohort report less anxiety and more freedom to pursue education or entrepreneurship. For those who felt stuck in toxic workplaces or relationships, or who were living paycheck to paycheck, $500/mo has renewed their sense of hope and given them more agency over their circumstances.

Covid-19 Cash Relief

Humanity Forward Foundation has been committed to putting cash in the hands of those who need it most, with the belief that investing in individuals can not only reduce financial strain in hard times.

The 1k Project

Humanity Forward Foundation sponsored a donation matching program to help distribute $3.3 Million directly to 1,110 American families who suffered the loss of income during the pandemic.

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Individual Microgrants

Humanity Forward Foundation’s first direct cash program aided those directly affected by the pandemic by providing payments of $250 – $750 to recipients. Using publicity and social media to announce the relief program, and volunteers to assist applicants to obtain funds, the Foundation was able to disburse more than $4.5 Million in cash support to 18,000 individuals nationally, using funds raised from charitable organizations and citizen donations.