Humanity Forward Foundation also engages with policy experts and thought leaders on the national level, to bring ideas forward into the national discourse which can improve the lives of millions of Americans. 

Humanity Forward Foundation conducts advocacy, education, and research to inform evidence-based policy ideas. Our goal is to promote ideas that shape a more prosperous, secure future full of opportunity for our communities, our country, and our planet.

To that end, Humanity Forward Foundation engages in multi-track efforts to develop concepts that stand to improve American life. These tracks often begin with conducting research with partners in academia and in polling, to ensure we share evidence-based ideas with the public. 

With an idea’s strength and support well understood, Humanity Forward Foundation uses that information to educate the public and foster progress. This involves utilizing the press to inform citizens, as well as working directly with the public through grassroots efforts to elevate the voices of people who wish to engage with their communities through local and regional media. 

Our work is currently organized under seven key pillars:

Alleviating Poverty and Hardship

Despite the United States’ international stature as a wealthy developed nation, poverty remains high in comparison to many of its economic peers. While physical poverty in the U.S. is less extreme than in other parts of the world, the conditions for Americans experiencing poverty still include food insecurity, shelter insecurity, mental health challenges, unemployment, and limited access to basic services. Foundation research on policies like the Child Tax Credit shows that the tools to affect positive change are at our disposal. Productive dialogue on reducing poverty in America is the dialogue that grounds itself in fact and a clear goal of lifting citizens out of circumstances of hardship.

Safeguarding Democracy

A solid and secure democratic foundation is necessary for future generations of Americans to build on. Recent studies, however, have indicated that American democracy has drastically deteriorated in recent years. Hyper-partisanship, vulnerabilities in electoral processes, and deteriorating trust in institutions and elections have all played a part in making democracy in the United States seem less secure. Some concepts for reform, such as reforms to the Electoral Count Act, can reinforce our institutions and ensure that the people’s voice remains the cornerstone of our democracy. To strengthen and safeguard our democratic institutions so that the American people can have faith in the institutions and procedures by which they are heard and governed, Humanity Forward Foundation seeks to amplify and educate the public on policy solutions lauded by legal experts and constitutional scholars that reinforce institutional safeguards and regain America’s trust in the democratic process.

Defending Against Global Risks and Disasters

To mitigate risk and prevent global catastrophes from upending Americans’ security, the national dialogue must engage in well-educated discussions about how best to be prepared for existential threats. We can build a future in which fewer anthropogenic and existential risks pose a threat to the international community and the advancement of humanity, but only if they are well understood. Many of the technological advancements of the 21st century, for example, have opened the door to new dangers to the world. As climate change continues to pose an existential threat, for example, constructive policy conversations focus on reforms should focus on changes that can unleash the latent potential to better prepare for crises, such as permitting reform to unlock sustainable energy sources. Along with well-understood threats like climate change and nuclear events, the risks posed by future pandemics and artificial intelligence can only be addressed with a healthy, well-informed, and rigorous exchange of ideas.

Lowering the Cost of Living

Americans can contribute more to the growth and development of our economy when their costs of living are more easily manageable. These costs can range from the cost of food to prescription drugs, housing, and utility bills to keep the lights on. With healthy and affordable standards of living, our system is able to function with more economic activity and foster growth. Constructive exchanges on improving the lives of families and the health of our economy should always acknowledge the routine costs of living that every American contends with.

Expanding Financial Inclusion

An economy that is strong and ripe with opportunities is also an economy defined by inclusivity. Increasing access to financial services to include those who have historically been left out can create more opportunity, lift Americans out of hardship, and provide otherwise inaccessible pathways to support citizens who can contribute to economic growth. Financial inclusion can include traditional financial services, as well as emerging methods including blockchain technologies. The discourse on financial inclusion should always focus first on serving the underserved.

Fostering Economic Prosperity

Ensuring that America’s economic future remains bright is a task that requires ongoing work, as technological advancements open up new opportunities and competition abroad continues to grow. Today, America’s ability to lead in the world economy is in jeopardy. There is a rising worry among experts that innovation is crucial in 21st-century sectors that may occur increasingly outside of American boundaries as technological developments provide new opportunities. A healthy national discourse aimed at keeping America’s competitive advantage explores policy ideas to contend in global markets and secure opportunities to lead the way in the industries of the future.

Humanity Forward Foundation also engages with policy experts and thought leaders on the national level, to bring ideas forward into the national discourse which can improve the lives of millions of Americans. 

The end result of our efforts is the successful education of the public on high-impact or neglected policy solutions that can move humanity forward, and a meaningful contribution to the national discourse to affect positive change.

As the Foundation brings on new partners, we are building new programs to further educate the American public on new policy areas and issues.